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Puccini’s Chronicles: Volume Two

by Amanda DeLalla (Moderator)

“Why do you suppose your son keeps dealing with this group?” Isobel asked bravely.

“Who knows?” answered the maestro as he counted out some money. “All I know is, he’s my only son and I can’t have him getting killed under such circumstances. But the boy does need to earn his living in a better way.”

“Shall I fetch you an envelope?”

“No, I have some here in the desk.”

Isobel nodded and pushed back the curtain to gaze out the window. “Oh, it’s raining. I love a summer rain so much, signor.” She smiled. “Everything turns so lush and it reminds me of home.”

Puccini looked up and smiled back at her. “Well, should I ever decide to vacation at the Emerald Isle again, you’ll be my first companion, Signora Geraghty.”

“You’ve been very kind to me, Signor Puccini. Almost too much so.” There was a slightly awkward moment of silence. Then, Isobel continued, “And what I like best about you is your work- how you tap into different periods of history and the different kinds of people. It’s fascinating.”

“That’s what you like most about me, my work?” The maestro smiled wryly. “I should think I want to change that…”



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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