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Jackie Evancho and the Classical Crossover

What do you think about classical crossover artists? Are you a fan of Josh Groban or Jackie Evancho? How about Il Divo and Andrea Bocelli? Do you believe that these crossover artists foster the education of this generation about opera, or are they knockoffs of the real deal? Let’s start a discussion!



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4 thoughts on “Jackie Evancho and the Classical Crossover

  1. I like all the artists you mention because I like the way they sing. However of this group, only Jackie Evancho currently identifies themselves as a classical crossover singer. She definitely does not consider herself an opera singer. Anyone unfamiliar with opera who likes her rendition of Nessun Dorma can then move on to check out other versions.

    When I was growing up, music was not as rigidly segmented. I could listen to great songs on both TV and the radio. The Impossible Dream is just one example. Then rock groups took over and there were fewer opportunities for individual singers to display their vocal talents. (I’m talking outside the opera field)

    I consider Jackie Evancho do have a great classical voice (for want of a better term). Classical Crossover is simply an alternative style for singers like her to showcase. Not everyone is either suited for or interested in opera. Jackie was inspired by Phantom of the Opera, which of course is musical theater.

  2. Opera is a great artform with a long history. CC is a recent artform using technology to assist delivery ie amplification.
    It is the quality of the end result that matters to me, not the history or the delivery mechanism.
    The electric guitar allowed new styles of music and new sounds to be experimented with, would anybody argue today that this was detrimental to guitar music overall? Perhaps only the purists with vested interests.

    In the same way, CC allows the artist to explore new territory. Instead of diverting effort to developing unaided voice amplification, more effort is available for other things, maybe new and exciting combinations. Again, there will be purists who feel the need to resist (vehemently at times) but change is inevitable.

    CC is perhaps in early days, and I hope new groundbreaking ideas will arise to delight and inspire. Maybe Jackie Evancho will be one of the innovators- she has enough time to do so, and she certainly has the talent required.

    The young look to the future for they have no past.
    The old look to the past, for they have no future.

  3. How anyone can take this caricature of opera is a mystery.
    It looks and sounds like the girl swallowed something wiggly.

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