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Spotlight: The Art of…INSERT DISNEY FILM HERE Books

I don’t know if you all know- or if you’re even concerned with this sort of thing- but my birthday is exactly one week from tomorrow! So, today my stepmother asked me what I wanted. One thing I know I’m asking for is Sia’s new 1000 Forms of Fear album. The other thing is one of the Disney Store’s coffee table books that depict the artistic concepts and processes behind some of their most well-known millennial movies. The problem is that I’m not sure WHICH book in the series to ask for…

Here are the books, most if not all written by major producers and animators of their respective films-
The Art of Frozen
The Art of Monsters University
The Art of Cars 2
The Art of Cars
The Art of Finding Nemo
The Art of Monsters, Inc.
The Art of Tangled
The Art of The Incredibles
The Art of Brave
The Art of The Princess and the Frog
The Art of Up
The Art of Ratatouille
The Art of Wreck-It Ralph
The Art of WALL-E
The Art of Toy Story 3

They all look like beautiful books, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to Frozen, Tangled, Monsters University, The Princess and the Frog, and Wreck-It Ralph. With that, I turn things over to all of my readers; have you ever perused an ART OF…Disney book? Which one(s) do you recommend? Visually, which Disney films stand out to you?



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