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QUIZ: Which Irving Berlin Hit is Your Theme Song?

A master of the Great American Songbook, Irving Berlin wrote everything from musical scores to popular songs that ranged in style from galloping uptempo to mournful ballad. Let’s face it, every composer has written at least one of our theme songs; so which did Berlin write just for you? You’ll know after you take this unique quiz. Don’t forget to share your results!

1. On a rainy day, I’ve been known to…
A. Dance
B. Think about my lost love
C. Plan for the next holiday
D. Listen to showtunes
E. Watch classic movies
F. Visit my significant other

2. If I attended a Gatsby party, I’d come dressed in…
A. A top hat
B. Black, blue, or purple
C. White or pink
D. Flashy garments
E. A neat suit or skirt
F. Feathers and beads

3. My favorite Broadway musical is…
A. Nice Work If You Can Get It
B. Les Miserables
C. She Loves Me
D. On the Twentieth Century
E. Chicago
F. Follies

4. My friends would say that I am…
A. Fun
B. Thoughtful
C. Cheerful
D. A bit of a drama queen
E. Classy
F. Bold

5. You’re at the bookstore and the novel title that catches your eye is…
A. The Tap Dancing Dog
B. Safe Haven
C. Honeymoons Take a Holiday
D. Lady Take the Stage
E. Back to Black
F. Beach Girls

6. Pick a performer, any performer…
A. Fred Astaire
B. Beatrice Arthur
C. Gene Kelly
D. Ethel Merman
E. Mel Brooks
F. Florenz Ziegfeld


If you picked mostly As, your theme song is “Cheek to Cheek!” First seen in the Fred Astaire movie Top Hat, this number is famous for proclaiming that one’s love is “so easy to dance with.”

If you picked mostly Bs, your theme song is “What’ll I Do!” This melancholy but beautiful ballad laments the recent loss of a love. It was famously covered by Bea Arthur in an episode of The Golden Girls.

If you picked mostly Cs, your theme song is “Easter Parade!” This bright song tells us that you’re like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day, and you love going out and celebrating! May we write poetry about your Easter bonnet?

If you picked mostly Ds, your theme song is “There’s No Business Like Show Business!” Theatrical and a bit of a powerhouse, you are no shrinking violet. Have you considered auditioning for Annie Get Your Gun?

If you picked mostly Es, your theme song is “Puttin’ on the Ritz!” The epitome of both class and comedy, people love hanging around you! But avoid trying too hard to look like Gary Cooper. Love yourself for the dynamite that you are!

If you picked mostly Fs, your theme song is “A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody!” Wow, you must be quite a sight to behold. This was the theme of the Ziegfeld Follies, so you’ve also got greatness in your blood. Get out there and show ’em!



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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