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Spotlight: Opera Bracelets!

Hey there, everyone! So I recently made a wonderful discovery on the World Wide Web this week…a brilliant, innovative new way to tell the story of history’s finest operas…the Opera Bracelets company! This Rochester based business, independently owned by a husband and wife, sells unique handmade bracelets that use charms and beads to symbolize elements of operas from Die Zauberflote to La traviata. (My personal favorite is the Madama Butterfly story bracelet…

It has a wedding ring for Kate, an American flag for Pinkerton, and a Japanese fan for Cio Cio San. As for the dagger and blood-red teardrop beads at the top, well- I don’t think I need to tell you what they represent.

I think this enterprise is truly remarkable and a wonderfully creative way to show your appreciation for opera and the arts in general. Even if opera’s not your cup of tea, the bracelets themselves (ranging in price from $44 to $88) are simply gorgeous pieces of jewelry and would look excellent on your wrist…or a friend’s! So visit to browse the shop and add some sparkle to your life. (Note: I am not affiliated with the company.)

The Aida bracelet.



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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