Shamelessly Plugging My New Work…

Hey there, friends. I know our theme for this month is still Tudor England- and I promise we’ll have one more surprise for it next week- but I wanted to take a minute to drum up some attention for a new play with music I am working on- LIKE SOMEBODY.

“A heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of love and music, Like Somebody tells the story of Ruby, whose relationship with an older musician changes her work and her outlook forever. After a sudden breakup, young artist Ruby is at a crossroads for both her music and her hope of finding love again. She befriends a fellow thinker named Kenneth, several years her senior, and watches as her ex Adam pursues his new relationship. Along the way, paths cross, genres of music shift, and Ruby finds herself falling for Kenneth. After meeting his wife and discovering a secret about Adam, Ruby is more confused than ever- until she is able to realize that a person’s passions function best when boiled down to their simplest ingredients.”

Also, as an added element, the show’s creative process will be tracked on Vine; I want it to be the first musical theatre show to evolve (and be promoted) in front of audiences’ eyes through that social media network. The account is named “Vinellope von Schweetz” (I know, I know) so please join us for behind the scenes clips, insights, and (once we have a cast) comments from the people working on this project.

And with that, I put out an open call to all my readers: if you’ve got a production coming up, whether it’s a Light Opera rendition of Il Barbiere di Siviglia or a staged reading of your original play, don’t hesitate to tell me about it so I can help you spread the word.


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