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A Color: GREY

This is more of a philosophical catharsis than a typical Puccini’s Chronicles entry, my dilettante friends- but I promise, there WILL be some song recommendations at the end of this.

Last week’s color (sorry for being a bit late) is GREY. A mixture of black and white. Mostly associated with rain clouds and less austere funeral garb. A beautiful but not all that cheerful shade.

Today I read a review of the musical performance of someone I really admire- someone whose career has spanned decades but who shows zero hint of being conceited or ungrateful- and her performance at this particular moment was described as “tired,” with the vocals having seen “better days.” The reviewer hastened to add that she would improve as she settled into the piece more, but these mere comments just broke my heart.

As I metaphorically looked into the eyes of this performer I have so loved, I got a taste of her mortality- that a day may (hopefully not) come when she cannot perform with the luminescence which she has had her entire career. I am on the brink of tears just thinking about it. To me, of course, she will always be radiant, she will always be a beacon of talent and grace. But to the world, and maybe even to herself, it might seem as though it’s time to pass the torch. Nobody lives forever; this I know and yet imagining a world without her- or anyone I care about, for that matter- is why I’m feeling artistically GREY.

Relevant Music:
“Fix You” (Coldplay)
“It Will Rain” (Bruno Mars)
“Blown Away” (Carrie Underwood)
“The Moment I Knew” (Taylor Swift)
“Chandelier [Piano Version]” (Sia)
“Young and Beautiful” (Lana del Rey)
“Someone Saved My Life Tonight” (Elton John)
“Aerith’s Theme” (FINAL FANTASY VII)
“1000 Words [Orchestra Version]” (FINAL FANTASY X-2)
“Stay” (Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko)




"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

One thought on “A Color: GREY

  1. I dunno..I like grey…it can be warm like a soft grey sweater… it reminds me of curling up with a book and a cup of tea… of grey days in London which is always sizzling and bright no matter what the color of the sky…

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