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Puccini’s Chronicles STYLE: Are you more a Carmen or Micaela?

The two leading ladies of Bizet’s Carmen serve as dramatic foils to one another in the story. Come to think of it, they’re really not both leading ladies, are they? This is Carmen’s show, one of the few tour-de-forces for an operatic mezzo, and the soprano (Micaela) finally takes a backseat.

Nonetheless, both women are archetypal love interests for Don Jose- Micaela is his virtuous fiancee, Carmen his alluring mistress. And although we know all too well what happens to Carmen in the end, Micaela’s story is left unfinished; we last see her going out to search for Don Jose and taking him home to visit his dying mother- and that’s it. Dramatically, you could argue that it really doesn’t matter; the Don-Carmen-Escamillo love triangle is more important than the Don-Carmen-Micaela one at that point. But I for one really liked Micaela’s character and her aria (“Je dis que rien ne m’epouvante”) and would have liked to see some more closure for her. But I digress…

Sorry men, this entry is for the ladies. Depending on how you answer the following questions, you’ll figure out how Carmen or Micaela your personal style is. Or maybe you’re a combination of both! Give yourself 1 point for every A and 3 points for every B you choose.

1. When I go for color, I’m partial to…
A. Blues
B. Reds

2. I would prefer to wear a dress adorned with…
A. Lace
B. Feathers

3. Shoes?
A. Practical flats for walking around.
B. Heels to show off my looks.

4. Hair accessory of choice?
A. A bow or ribbon.
B. A glittery headband.

5. Who is a better style icon?
A. Coco Chanel
B. Marilyn Monroe


If you scored between 5 and 8 points…your style is elegant and feminine, just like Micaela’s.

If you scored between 9 and 11 points…you like variety and flexibility in your fashion choices.

If you scored more than 11 points…your style is bold and flashy, just like Carmen’s.



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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