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Throwback Tuesday: “1000 Forms of Fear” Album Review

This week, friends, I’ll be offering you two reviews- one of an album and one of a concert. The album review (this entry) was actually done in August of last year, but given Sia’s recent Grammy nominations, I think it’s worth posting again to refresh the memory of the musically inclined. So, here you go.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you hear a song that you love so much that you just have to get the entire album that it’s from? That doesn’t happen to me too often, but it did with the chart-climbing Sia Furler anthem “Chandelier.” I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. The lyrics are fascinating, the pounding music sounds great, and (most of all) Sia’s vocals rival those of the legendary rock sopranos. Her range is outrageous.

Sia is known for collaborating with and writing songs for other artists ranging from David Guetta to Rihanna, but this new work “1000 Forms of Fear” is all her own. The cover art isn’t my favorite, though I know the “faceless blonde bob” is Sia’s trademark. The themes of the entire product are quite dark and thoughtful, and in that regard I guess the black and tarnished gold color scheme fits.

After listening to almost every song on the record, “Chandelier” remains my favorite track, but there are a number of other really terrific songs as well. “Big Girls Cry” is an emotional piece with a somber piano backing. “Eye of the Needle” musically invokes “Chandelier” at a slower tempo, but the lyrics are not as strong. “Dressed in Black” (the final song on the album as well as the longest one) is quite good, too.

But my favorite tune on “1000 Forms of Fear,” besides “Chandelier,” is actually one that did not debut on this album. “Elastic Heart” first appeared as a collaboration with The Weeknd and Diplo on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games’ CATCHING FIRE; here, it is a solo. However, the essence of the piece is that it’s phenomenal. It has one of the most interesting musical riffs I have ever heard; it’s truly unique and full of quivering feeling. And Sia’s versatile pipes are perfect for it.

Overall, I give “1000 Forms of Fear” a 7.5 out of 10. The five aforementioned songs are definitely the standouts, but there is a lot here for people who appreciate legit vocals on music that has a swell beat. Sia may not want you to see her face- but my verdict is that she is one to watch.

MUST HEAR TRACKS: “Chandelier,” “Big Girls Cry,” “Eye of the Needle,” “Elastic Heart,” “Dressed in Black.”



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