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House Appreciation Post

As my colleague Brian so eloquently suggested, I think I will focus this week’s Puccini’s Chronicles entry on the architecture of various theatres and opera houses around NYC. Some of these buildings have been around for decades; they’ve had name changes, show changes, and even some structural changes. The fact remains, however, that these artistic sanctuaries have stood the test of time and still dazzle audiences today with their ornamented beauty. Here are my picks- and feel free to share yours.

THE METROPOLITAN OPERA (Capacity: 3800) A handful of different operas perform in this venue every week. It is a modern-style building, and can you say “crystal chandelier?!”

NEW YORK CITY CENTER (Capacity: 2750) Encores! Zorba is currently rehearsing here, as well as a number of other variety productions.

THE BROADWAY THEATRE (Capacity: 1761) Dr. Zhivago is currently playing here. It is one of the largest Broadway houses and has a gorgeous interior.

STEPHEN SONDHEIM THEATRE (Capacity: 1055) Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is currently playing here. It was formerly known as the Henry Miller’s Theatre until 2010.

THE LYRIC THEATRE (Capacity: 1932) On the Town is currently playing here. It has had a number of names, including the Hilton and Foxwoods, and is another one of Broadway’s largest houses.



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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