Writer’s Unblock!

Hey! Sorry for the delayed entry this week.

But my 3rd full-length theatrical work, Confluence, is at last complete. I have officially exhausted my creative energies…for now…but I’m so proud that I’ve been able to adapt such a meaningful chapter of my life into this musical. Working on its libretto and lyrics was wonderfully cathartic. For those that don’t know, the old title meant “Sweetest Piece” in Latin…and if anyone wants to read excerpts, let your voice be heard!

Speaking of which, I’m also offering a new challenge. If Confluencis going to go somewhere someday, it’s going to need a kick-butt logo. That’s where you guys come in. I would like all the graphic designers etc. who read Puccini’s Chronicles to submit their work for consideration to be my play’s official art. As always, faithjacobsen@gmail.com is the email address to send me what you’ve got. And the short synopsis is as follows: “A heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of love and music, Confluence tells the story of Ruby, whose relationship with an older musician changes her work and her outlook forever. After a sudden breakup, young artist Ruby is at a crossroads for both her music and her hope of finding love again. She befriends a kindred spirit named Kenneth, several years her senior, and soon finds herself enamored with the married thinker. How the ‘sweetest pieces’ of their lives converge and diverge over the next 30 years is at the core of this unconventional American love story with 8 original songs.”

Thank you all, dilettantes. I can’t wait to check out your submissions.


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