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Tonys Countdown Special: The Big #1!

Are you ready for the Tonys? Well, if you’re not, then GET READY! But before I bid you farewell to temporarily dissolve into a sea of Broadway delights over the weekend- I must reveal my best Tony-winning performance of the past decade…drum roll please…

CHRISTINE EBERSOLE (Grey Gardens, 2007)

Christine Ebersole is a Broadway grand dame at her most sophisticated- in my opinion, anyway. She is an incredibly versatile performer. This is proven in no small part by her skilled double portrayal of young Big Edie and present-day Little Edie (try to keep that straight!) in the musical examination of Jackie O’s relatives. Grey Gardens, despite losing the Best Musical Tony Award, has an extremely devoted fanbase; much of it is, in fact, due to the beloved Christine Ebersole. But the other part of it comes from the brilliant score, which has produced such modern standards as “The Cake I Had” and “Another Winter in a Summer Town.” I suppose the show could be considered one of those great unspoken masterpieces of modern American musical theatre. Ebersole’s costar, Mary Louise Wilson, also walked away with a Tony for Grey Gardens. Currently the former can be seen in Ever After at Papermill Playhouse; I myself will be watching the latter on Broadway this month when I see On the Twentieth Century.



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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