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Puccini’s Chronicles STYLE Special Edition: Not even in your Wildest Dreams

This week’s entry is different from the usual kind of things I cover on the blog. I don’t know if you like Taylor Swift. I don’t know if you watch her music videos. What I do know is that regarding her latest one- I am more than a little obsessed.

“Wildest Dreams” and its music video spoke to me on a profoundly personal level, (re: made me cry hysterically) but I’m not about to bore you with that. Can we just talk for a minute about the gorgeous aesthetic of this whole thing? Everything, from the theme to the settings to the fashions, looked like it was made just to appeal to me. Sorry, did that sound a little self-centered? Maybe, but it’s true! I think about how Swift has hit a lot of home runs with her story-driven music videos, and in fact “Bad Blood” is the current VMA Video of the Year winner. And as much as I hate when the same artist wins the same award consecutively, I am making an exception here. “Wildest Dreams” is a far better piece of art than “Bad Blood,” and so if it gets nominated for Video of the Year, Swift needs to win again.

Wildest Dreams

Without giving too much away, here is a brief summary. Brunette Taylor Swift and Clint Eastwood’s son Scott (Yup!) play Golden Age stars who fall in and out of love over the course of filming their new movie. The project is being shot in the African wilderness, and oh boy are there some nice images of it here. We experience a cascading waterfall, animals in their natural habitat, volatile weather, and a vintage aircraft soaring over the savanna. It paints a lovely landscape in which the story unfolds. The video even went the extra mile to include period-accurate movie equipment.

Then there are the outfits. Oh how I love 1940s fashion! Swift’s character naturally gets lots of costume changes, all of which are beautiful. When shooting the film, she sports a look similar to what Meryl Streep famously wore in 1985’s Out of Africa.

While riding the airplane with Eastwood, she is seen in retro sunglasses and a head scarf that reminded me of Julianne Moore’s character in Far from Heaven.

Finally, she gets to wear two fantastically flowing gowns: a yellow one in the wind (common dramatics there…) and a pearly pale pink number at the movie premiere.

Feeling nostalgic yet? You’d better be!



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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