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30DDC- Day Twenty Eight

Favorite Sequel

Ick. One field where Disney certainly does NOT succeed is that of sequels. Then again, most movie studios fail at sequels. I try to avoid them at all costs, particularly if they are direct-to-video. I’m shuddering as we speak. The only exceptions I’ll make are if I like the development of the characters’ story in a sequel AND it has a fantastic soundtrack. In that regard, the only Disney sequel I’ve actually seen that fulfills both of these criteria…is not even a full-length feature.


The animated short Frozen Fever was released in front of this year’s live-action Cinderella, effectively combining two of my favorite heroines ever (Ella and Elsa) into one glorious package. I think the short makes for a delightful followup to the original for a few reasons. One, the main song (“Making Today A Perfect Day”) is really fun. Two, it actually takes the original story and characters to an interesting new level. And three, perhaps most importantly, it does so without sacrificing the feel of the original film. I hope the creators behind the Frozen franchise show this same amount of skill when creating its inevitable full-blown sequel. Lord I hope so.



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