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30DDC- Day Thirty

Favorite Happy Ending

In the words of Principal Duvall from Mean Girls, “I could not be happier that this school year is ending.” I can say the same about this challenge. Although it was super fun to do and surprisingly thought-provoking, it’s time to move on. And with that, I shall present to you one of the most satisfying endings to come out of the Disney canon.


The last moments of Pixar’s Up provide so much closure that I can’t even open the door anymore. (Wow, that was awful.) You wanna know why I love this finale so much? Because it wraps up the characters’ journeys that we have seen from even the very beginning of the story. Carl gets the son he never had. Russell gets the father figure he never had. Dug becomes leader of the now-benevolent dog troupe. Carl passes on his most prized possession to Russell. And Ellie’s spirit finally comes to rest as Carl’s old house miraculously lands right at Paradise Falls. It is just a string of beautiful moments and no emotion is left unattended to.

With that, I have reached the end of the 30 Day Disney Blog Challenge! Thanks to all my readers for going on this “magical” trip with me. Starting tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled Puccini’s Chronicles programming. And I have something cool in store! See you then.



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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