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Spotlight: Vinyl’s Amazing Comeback

Have you ever noticed how, in recent years, vinyl albums have made this enormous leap back into the public’s good graces? I don’t know how or why it’s happened, but the fact remains that I’m hearing (and seeing) more LP records in the past two or so years than I have in my entire life. Forget about children of the 80s or 70s…I’m talking people my age (20s-30s) buying record players and starting their own collection of vinyls. I asked my mom, a longtime worshiper and owner of dozens, what could be making them so appealing.

Her response: “I liked the cover art; it’s easier to appreciate it than on a little CD. There were also the jacket liners with different things printed on them- stories, information, lyrics, even posters inside. The sound has been made better with the newer ones…but I even liked to listen to the crackles!”

Seems like a legitimate explanation to me. In the remainder of this blog post, I’ll show you some of my favorite vinyls- both from Mom’s archives and modern ones I’ve seen in stores. For the latter, I will also tell you where to buy them and how much they cost. After all, this is one bandwagon that could be worth jumping on!

91atpdzmovl-_sx425_ Pitch Perfect 2 (Originally exclusive to Target, now on Amazon for $12)

inside_w_sleeves_vinyl The Last Five Years (Sh-K-Boom Records, $29.98 for deluxe edition)

tangled_vinyl_picture_sideahi-520x520 Songs from Tangled (Hot Topic, $26.50)

r-6194700-1429029503-8901-jpeg Songs from Frozen (Hot Topic, $26.50)

eltonjohngoodbyeyellowbrickroadle1 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Vintage)

r-1602165-1231459776-jpeg The Stranger (Vintage)



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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