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Two Minutes with…SPECIAL EDITION

So tomorrow, Nikki M. James and Andrew Rannells (in a weird Book of Mormon reunion) will announce the nominations for this year’s Tony Awards at 8:30am. At that time, I’ll very likely be riding a bus to work…but that’s why we have Google!


In any case, this year’s ceremony will be a little different. Instead of being “which shows will win what,” it’s gonna be “how many awards can Hamilton garner.” Of course I’m saying this facetiously, but we could witness a record-breaking amount of wins for the monster musical (this record is currently held by Mel Brooks’ The Producers). In this special TWO MINUTES  post, a dear friend of mine (and aficionado in her own right) exchanges words with me about what can go down. We’ll call her “Eyar.”

Eyar: With multiple actors being nominated in the leading actor category (2–Lin Manuel Miranda & Leslie Odom Junior) and featured actor category (3–Daveed Diggs, Jonathan Groff, & Christopher Jackson) along with single nominations in leading actress and featured actress, Hamilton could reach 16 nominations, the most any show has ever received. Cynthia Erivo is going to win for The Color Purple and Spring Awakening is my front runner for Best Musical Revival.

DeLalla: Personally, I think Groff could be left out in the cold. Leading Actor will probably be a tight contest between Odom and Danny Burstein (which could result in the O’Hara/Mueller result of yesteryear but I’m not sure). The only one who’ll give Erivo serious competition is Carmen Cusack from Bright Star. People are saying nothing but outstanding things about her, too.

Eyar: Erivo is going to take it. And Miranda will also be in Leading Actor which he’ll probably win too.

DeLalla: Also, Spring Awakening could theoretically sneak in for a Best Revival nod, but it’ll be hard (remember what happened to Side Show).

Eyar: Also Cusack is in a mixed review show; they rarely let someone in a so-so show win an award. And Spring Awakening was successful and an original limited engagement that extended. Side Show closed early due to bad sales.

DeLalla: I think Miranda’s wins will be for the show’s writing. Odom has a better chance of getting the acting prize.

Eyar: Miranda could win actor, book, score, and musical. I can see that happening.

DeLallaIn a way, it’s sad. This could have been a REALLY interesting year- Waitress, School of Rock, Bright Star, and American Psycho have all been praised for at least one element of their show. It would’ve been cool to see them all duke it out. Don’t get me wrong, GREAT for Hamilton, but they just kind of threw a wrench in a lot of the fun.

Pictured above is Carmen Cusack in-character. Watch the nominations announcement in real-time here.



"I am a seagull, I am an actress." -Anton Chekhov (And sometimes I like to write stuff, too.)

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