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Based on Roy Clarke’s Britcom Keeping Up Appearances, Hello Hyacinth centers on “a day in the life” of British wannabe socialite Hyacinth Bucket, her henpecked husband, and the absurd circumstances surrounding a visit from their son. Described by multiple fans as “witty and rhythmic and fun” and “wonderful and creative,” this old-school musical comedy romp features 13 original songs. With its unforgettable cast of zany characters and an episodic structure, it’s hard to beat the uniqueness and hilarity of Hello Hyacinth!

Hello Hyacinth had its first workshop at the Conference House of Staten Island, NY on October 12th, 2013. The cast was as follows: Margaret Chase (Hyacinth), Michael Somogyi (Richard), Laura Rose Cook (Liz), Ted Lochwyn (Emmett), Joey Picciotto (Young Richard/Sheridan), and Amanda DeLalla (Young Hyacinth/Gail).

“Witty and rhythmic and fun…bubbling along like a stream of champagne!” -Margaret Chase

“Wonderful and creative.” -Sarah Shear

“Fantastic work!” -David Dabbon

“A really fun show.” -Jim Gangemi

“Highlights of 2013: performing in HELLO HYACINTH…” -Laura Rose Cook


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