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It has been one year, two months, and two weeks since I saw La La Land in full for the first time. It’s also been that long since I’ve seen it in full, period.

So much has happened in the wake, and yet this movie is still so hard to watch.

The greatest stories just have that effect on you, you know? Furthermore, we all have those moments where we say “I related to that character” or “that part of the movie reminded me of something that happened to me.” But even rarer are the stories that seem to appear at just the right time, and in which you not only see a part of yourself, but a part of your whole life playing out in front of you.

It’s pretty surreal.

One more little detail- when La La Land first booted up in the cinema, and the wonderful “Another Day of Sun” number began, I was convinced that the actors were playing actors on a film set. Giving a nod to old musical films, if you will, within the context of the plot that was about to unfold. But when the song ended and the cast just got back into their cars as if nothing happened…that’s when I realized that there was no tribute here. It WAS that kind of movie. I knew that I was in for a helluva ride.

Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you planned. Sometimes an art form crystallizes your feelings better than words alone.

Always and forever, the story goes on.

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Suddenly Surprise!

Good afternoon, my wonderful readers! I’m just writing a quick note to say that, because I have a special post planned for next week, today’s will consist of some favorite musical-themed GIFs. (None of these were created by me.)

We now return to your regularly-scheduled Puccini’s Chronicles programming.

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Daily Prompt: Record

We’re halfway through March and it seems that spring should be just around the corner here in New York City. Sadly, we are expecting a foot or more of snowfall tomorrow. But you could argue that a blizzard is the perfect excuse to kick back with a mug of tea and listen to some vinyl records.

Speaking of which, today I’m going to share five of my favorite “morning songs.” These are tunes I most like to crank up when the weather is sunny and warm. For one reason or another, they’re a perfect soundtrack for the crack of dawn.

5. “Suddenly I See,” KT Tunstall: Maybe it’s because of this song’s role in the opening montage of The Devil Wears Prada, but “Suddenly I See” practically brims with inspiration and admiration. As you wake up and the sun shines through your window, it’s hard not to imagine Tunstall cheering you on as you chase your dreams in a big city.

4. “Opening Up,” Sara Bareilles: The version of this number that Bareilles performs on the What’s Inside album is sure to get you pumped for your day with its rousing drumbeat and infectious chorus. With any luck, it will put you in a good enough mood so that when a Starbucks barista pours your latte, you’ll want to say “Hello, how ya been?”

3. “Another Day of Sun,” La La Land Cast: Sure, everyone talked about what happened to this movie at the Oscars, but it’s hard to deny that its score makes for great listening. This song in particular is full of energy, with an earworm-inducing hook. You don’t have to live in Los Angeles to let “Another Day of Sun” brighten the morning.

2. “Beautiful Day,” U2: There are certain songs that I associate with specific mental images. For “Beautiful Day,” I envision driving along an empty highway in the summer, just as the sun is beginning to rise. The song’s three-note riff is instantly recognizable and the lyrics are just as life-affirming.

1. “Mr. Blue Sky,” ELO: “Today’s forecast calls for blue skies.” This Jeff Lynne-penned hit song practically had to make my list. Lynne was even inspired to write it by beautiful weather in Switzerland. With its upbeat rhythms and bright vocals, the tune has not only become a radio staple but a popular addition to several Hollywood films.


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From Page to Screen: “Don’t I Know What’s Right For Me?”

by Amanda DeLalla

All my life I sat around waiting

For something to begin

Brushing off trouble I found myself in

My mama kept me in her shell

Teachers at school would spurn

And now to your words I say well,

Now it’s my turn.

Don’t I know what’s right for me?

Now that I’m 23,

Shouldn’t I be someone who makes her own choices?

Listen to the voices,

The ones in my head and the ones swirling ‘round

Gotta shut them all out, gotta just hear the sound

Of the one in my heart that longs to be free

‘Cause it knows what’s right for me

Took me so long to grab the reins,

I’m not about to let go.

Knock it all away and I’m all that remains,

I must be the one who knows

What’s right for me.

Thank you but don’t you see,

That I am just smart enough to pick a good guy,

Or at least let me try!

Advice in my head and the kind swirling ‘round

Gonna shut it all out, gonna just hear the sound

Of a heart that beats on its own at long last

I’ll show you all soon, hold fast!


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Happy Hunger Games!

And by The Hunger Games, I mean the 2017 entertainment awards season. It kicks off with the Golden Globes, whose nominations were announced today.

Things I love: Moana‘s dual nominations, the recognition of Deadpool, Ryan Murphy finally giving Sarah Paulson awards material, and Simon Helberg getting a much-deserved Supporting Actor nod for Florence Foster Jenkins.

What I don’t love: the fact that when the Oscars arrive, only one of the two front-runners for Best Picture can win. At least with the Globes, they can both take home a trophy because…well…they couldn’t be more different from one another.


This is the drama, a gritty coming-of-age story about a gay black man in Miami. The comedy/musical is La La Land, a passionate tale of a musician and an actress, set in Los Angeles.

Oh Lord. Nobody can argue that both of these movies are expertly crafted, masterful in their storytelling and workmanship. Nobody can argue that the people involved put their hearts and souls into the pieces…the two not-so-secret ingredients in all great art that is created.

But the higher-up voters of the motion picture industry will argue the following, and have to make a decision: which of the two films represents GREATER art? It’s a Hobson choice, because no matter whose side you’re on, you’re going to face backlash. If Moonlight takes all the accolades, the other half will claim that the subject matter was catered to. If La La Land wins big, the other half will point out the Academy’s history of white preferences. Still some on both alliances will simply argue that their pick is the more “significant” of the two. Whatever that means.

You want to know what I think?

I find it impossible to compare Land to Light because they both embody the two distinct things that art is meant to do. That is, to both take us out of reality AND teach us about it. In these uncertain times, we absolutely need both.

Good luck, and peace.

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“The Fools Who Love”

by Amanda DeLalla

Here’s to the fools who love.
To the red-nosed reindeer,
And finger-less glove.
To the dandelions called a weed,
Who may get what they want,
But not what they need.
Here’s to the fools who desire.
For a better world, some inner peace,
And more hearts afire.
Those who just want to know what’s true.
I don’t think they’re stupid to try;
Do you?
Here’s to the fools who dream.
Who believe that goodness
Is more alive than it seems.
The ones who trust in some greater plan,
Those who leave a legacy
Because they believe they can.
We reach and cry but will still be kind,
From oceans below to skies above.
All in a quest to simply find
Another one of the fools who loves.