Suddenly Surprise!

Good afternoon, my wonderful readers! I’m just writing a quick note to say that, because I have a special post planned for next week, today’s will consist of some favorite musical-themed GIFs. (None of these were created by me.)

We now return to your regularly-scheduled Puccini’s Chronicles programming.

The Villains are RESTLESS!


Last night, my friend Erika and I attended the “Broadway Villains Party” at Feinstein’s/54 Below! I had a voucher for a free show and partial dinner cover, so a $100+ night wound up costing less than $25. And it was a blast. We finally got to watch Patrick Page sing Hunchback‘s “Hellfire” live, so now we can both die happy. Other highlights of the evening included “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton, Tony winner Ruthie Ann Miles slaying “Mother Knows Best” from Tangled, and a drag queen Cruella de Vil. They even had a woman maniacally perform “The Confrontation” from Jekyll & Hyde. The whole roster was superb and the food was delicious. And look at how close we were to the stage!

At the Barricades of Freedom (aka the Hollywood premiere)

If You're Too Short You're in the Wrong Profession

Yes, my dear friends, that nutcase in the pink hat is me…standing along the barricades of the U.S. premiere of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. This was only the second time I had “crashed” a Hollywood red carpet- the first was for the Meryl Streep flick Hope Springs a few years back. The key difference between that one and this experience was the weather…then, it was August and warm…here, it was March and cold. I did see Ben Affleck for like five seconds (the hordes of press blocked my vision) and get a free shirt with the movie’s logo. But at what cost? Nursing the flu for the past three days, that’s what. As a direct result of my convalescence, this little anecdote will be my post for the week. Sorry guys. Next week I’ll be writing something more substantial- promise!