Which Opera is Right for You?

  1. Which of these locations appeals most to you? A. Japan B. Italy C. France D. America E. China
  2. Which voice parts do you prefer to listen to? A. Mezzo B. Dramatic soprano C. Lyric soprano D. Baritone E. Tenor
  3. How popular should your opera be? A. Very B. Somewhat C. Extremely D. Not especially E. Moderate
  4. What sort of ending should the story have? A. Heartbreaking B. Dramatic C. Tragic D. Happy E. Ironic
  5. Pick a color. A. Pink B. Red C. Blue D. Gold E. Rainbow


Mostly As…Madama Butterfly

Mostly Bs…Tosca

Mostly Cs…La boheme

Mostly Ds…La fanciulla del West

Mostly Es…Turandot


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